Best Wood Planer

Woodworking is a tough choice for a hobby. However, through this activity, you can create your own furniture, decors, fencing pieces and other wooden projects. To do so, you need power tools, such as the best wood planer.

A wood planer’s function is to refine a board stock accordingly. That is why it must cut precisely. For small-scale projects, it should be compact for portability yet highly durable. It should also operate with tolerable noise.

Having an ideal wood planer increases the types of wood you can work on. With this power tool, you can repurpose old and worn-out wood into another functional item with a finished look. All in all, it fosters your creativity.

DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Planer

DEWALT has been manufacturing power tools and their corresponding accessories since 1924. In its 92 years of operation, it produced several models of planers; one of which is DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Planer.

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DEWALT DW735X is unique due to its two-speed gear box. This feature lets you choose between 96 and 179 cuts per inch. The 179 CPI setting produces a more refined board stock in one go as compared to the other.

Portable planers usually have two knives but DEWALT DW735X has three. The workload is divided among its three knives. As a result, they don’t wear out as fast as other planers’ knives.

Dealing with sawdust and chip is part of woodworking. DEWALT DW735X lessens your cleaning tasks with its fan-assisted chip management system. This feature efficiently ejects chip out of the machine, preventing it from clogging.

The problem with this planer is the unbearable noise it produces as it operates. It is advisable to wear hearing protection. Aside from your personal protection, also consider working in an enclosed area.

DEWALT DW735X tends to be bulky for a portable planer. It weighs 105 pounds, making it difficult to move it on your own. If you have no plans of using it elsewhere, then portability won’t be a problem.

This planer suits hobbyists who have their own secured woodworking shop. It can also satisfy the needs of small-time furniture-makers.

  • Two-speed settings
  • Long-lasting knives
  • Chip management system
  • Noisy operation
  • Bulkiness

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Makita 2012NB Portable Planer

Makita is a California-based manufacturer of power tools. It makes planers for construction and manufacturing industries and caters to artists and hobbyists by offering handheld and table-top planers. It is among its table-top planers.

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Makita 2012NB is equipped with Interna-Lok automated head clamp for snipe control. Processed board stocks come with snipe as caused by the cutter head’s movement. The head clamp keeps the head in place, thereby eliminating snipe.

If your planer produces noise beyond 85 dB, you need to wear a hearing protection. This becomes optional with Makita 2012NB as it only produces 83 dB. Its operation is relatively quiet.

Makita produces planers that can last for over a decade and this rings true to its 2012NB model. It has a compact design but it is also built to bear the weight of heavy woods.

When operating Makita 2012NB, you are likely to spend more time emptying its dust bin. Its dust hood has a limited capacity, which you can mend by replacing it with something larger.

The power tool itself requires frequent maintenance. It may be made sturdy but your lack of care may cause it to break sooner. When maintaining, check if the blades are still sharp and clean the mess if there are any.

Makita 2012NB is a good option for carpenters. They can bring it in their job sites easily. If you love woodworking but don’t want to disturb your family and neighbors, this planer may serve you well.

  • Interna-Lok automated head clamp for snipe control
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Durability
  • Limited capacity of dust hood
  • Frequent maintenance

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Delta 22-555 Portable Thickness Planer

In 1919, Herbert Tauts launched the Delta Specialty Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It underwent several name changes. Right now, it’s known as Delta Power Equipment Corporation. This company offers power tools, such as the 22-555 portable thickness planer.

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Delta 22-555 comes with a four columns to ensure stability. A stable structure helps in minimizing snipe, unevenness and other problems that board stocks may have after a trip through a planer.

This planer also features a straightforward design as well. You can learn to operate it skillfully after only a handful of practices. Changing the knives of this planer is also easy because there are no complicated alignment jigs.

Delta 22-555 can be used for different types of wood. It can even handle old woods. You can place it in any board stock as long as doesn’t go beyond 13 inches wide and 6 inches high, or go less than 10 inches wide and 1/8 high.

This planer operates with damaging vibrations though. Such vibrations often cause screws to loosen. As a result, Delta 22-555 may not function properly. It may stop working while your board stock is halfway through.

With this planer, you may encounter frequent malfunctions within the 5-year warranty period. While versatile, you can’t use it in the long run due to its short tool life.

The occasional woodworker may enjoy using Delta 22-555. If you live near a lumber supplier who offers various board stocks, this planer can also help you make the most out of that advantage.

  • Stability
  • User-friendliness
  • Versatility
  • Destructive vibrations
  • Short tool life

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WEN 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer

When WEN hit its 50th anniversary in 2001, it also celebrated the sale of over 50 million products since its 1951 launching. Until now, it still manufactures power tools especially for woodworkers. One of its offers is the 6550 Benchtop Thickness Planer.

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WEN 6550 is furnished with a granite table for support. This feature lets you feed heavy board stocks into the machine. The granite table also prevents marring often caused by uneven support.

Most planers only have two rollers (one for infeed, the other for outfeed); WEN 6550 has three. Its tri-roller feature speeds up the processing of rough board stocks.

Mounting this planer is also made more manageable with its four predrilled holes. You can mount it in a custom-made stand and fit it snuggly by screwing on the holes, or you can just place it in a stable worktable.

WEN 6550 has a dust connection port where you can connect a vacuum hose. The problem with this is that some shavings may still escape. You still need to tidy up even with a vacuum or dust extraction device around.

While usable to repurposed wood, there is a limitation on the wood types that can be fed in WEN 6550. As much as possible, choose traditional wood types (rubberwood, hickory, etc.) and avoid premium ones (hard maple, mahogany, etc.).

WEN 6550 is suitable for woodworkers who are fond of repurposing old wood. Manufacturers can also use this planer for mass production as long as traditional wood is used.

  • Granite table for stable and sturdy support
  • Tri-rollers for speedy operation
  • Ease of mounting
  • Some shavings
  • Limits on types of woods

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POWERTEC PL1251 Planer

POWERTEC has been in the manufacturing industry for over forty years. It specializes in the production of woodworking power tools and accessories. PL1251 Planer is one of these power tools.

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One slip in changing a planer’s dull blade may lead to an accident. POWERTEC PL1251 replaces blade gauge with an index pin set-up. This improves safety when removing and installing blades.

POWERTEC PL1251 has a weight of 63.6 pounds. At the upper side of this planer, you can find two handles. These aspects make the unit highly portable.

This planer also lets you work on long lumber pieces with minimal or without assistance from others at all. It has a return roller, making the job of handling long lumber pieces easier.

The blades of POWERTEC PL1251 are not that great, though. They tend to wear out fast, thus, there is a need for frequent replacements.

Another drawback with this planer is its lack of dust collection port. The remedy herein is to purchase the dust collection port separately.

Makers of large furniture sets may find POWERTEC PL1251 useful. The planer may not be able to refine woods wider than 12 ½ inches but it can process long board stocks that form part of large furniture sets.

  • Safe blade change
  • Portability
  • Return rollers
  • Short blade life
  • Lack of dust collection port

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Using the abovementioned information about different planers, you can now choose based on the woodworking projects you want to work on. Ask yourself whether it’s just for hobby or for commerce.

With the best wood planer, you can attain refined board stocks for your creative pursuits. Your project is halfway done when your materials already have a finished look.